Indaloblanc - Indaloblanc
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Why choose Indaloblanc?

INDALOBLANC S.L. a Company dedicated to the development and manufacture of products, offers a comprehensive solution for intensive agriculture in plastic greenhouses. It offers high resistance to weather conditions inside the greenhouses.

INDALOBLANC S.L. has set itself the task of offering the national and international market a variety of efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural products. Our facilities are located in the province of Almeria (Spain), one of the regions with the highest concentration of greenhouses in the world. This provides us with the ideal ecosystem to offer a wide range of exceptional and high quality bleaching products. Our more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector guarantees that we are a reference in the market for bleaching products. Our corporate structure at INDALOBLANC S.L includes top specialists and forms a small family that works tirelessly to provide farmers with the best solutions.