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Increased crops protection. It shades your crops, reducing solar radiation.


High adhesion to plastic.


Less bleaching in the same season.

Why is this important?

In Mediterranean greenhouses, during most of the production cycle, very high daily maximum temperatures prevail, which are incompatible with the proper growth of crops. A plant’s ability to develop is affected by water stress, which is caused by excessive sunlight and high temperatures. Water stress reduces a plant’s height, stem, roots, leaf area, specific leaf weight, and biomass by impairing photosynthesis. To solve these problems and mitigate their consequences, it is necessary to apply certain climatisation procedures. One of the most commonly used methods is bleaching the greenhouse cover, which reflects light and thus lowers the greenhouse’s internal temperature. In order to control the temperature and radiation that reach our plants and avoid possible damage, the shading of greenhouses is an important measure. Since too much light can lead to light saturation and too little light can lead to thinning of the plants and even death of certain flowers, it is important to pay attention to both the dosage and the timing of bleaching.

Our solutions

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    INDALOBLANC S.L. a Company dedicated to the development and manufacture of products, offers a comprehensive solution for intensive agriculture in plastic greenhouses. It offers high resistance to weather conditions inside the greenhouses.

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